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Full Day Tour in Sperlonga

Transfers Rome gives you the opportunity to take an unforgettable daily tour in a private vehicle from Rome to Sperlonga, an enchanting tourist location in the province of Latina. The driver of our NCC company will welcome you at the airport, at the Port of Civitavecchia or at your hotel. To get to Sperlonga you’ll travel with your limousine or luxury sedan on the Autostrada del Sole A1 motorway toward Naples.
During the journey there will be a stop in a motorway cafe for a coffee break.
You’ll exit onto Cassino and from here you’ll proceed following the coastline.
You’ll reach the Via Litoranea Flacca that touches the Latial town in all its extension. During the morning you’ll visit the archaeological site of Tiberius’ Villa (1st century AD), with the scenic natural grotto used by the emperor as a summer dining room. At the National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga you’ll be able to admire some groups of statues, that were once placed in the grotto and that represented characters from the Odyssey, like Ulysses, Scylla and the giant Polyphemus.
At lunch time you’ll be taken in Sperlonga’s historical center to taste some typical local dishes, like the fish soup “alla sperlongana”. In the afternoon you’ll be able to spend some relaxing hours on beautiful white beaches admiring the blue sea of the Tyrrhenian coast. You’ll complete the tour with avisit to the main monuments of the Latial town: the church of Saint Mary (1135), the ancient watchtowers, the Maggiore Tower and the Truglia Tower, built to defend the land from the pirates.
At the end of the tour: transfer by car to Rome, to the hotel or other destinations.

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