Rome Italy Temple (Church of Mormons)

Visiting the Rome Temple of Church of Jesus Christ, Via di Settebagni is a beautiful experience; as this location is near Central Rome. It is accessible by car which does not take longer than 20 minutes to arrive at, when the weather and traffic condition is normal in the city.

Traveling with a personal driver, luxury limousine or NCC transfer service helps you accomplish the pleasure of enjoying a magical view of Rome and best transfer experience. The route from Central Rome cuts through the Faculty of Science at the University of Rome which is near the National Museum, along Via Giuseppe Romita. The museum is at the early stage of the trip; you will experience the heart of the city even better as your journey continues through to Via Cernaia where there are lots of luxury hotels and restaurants.

The road continues past the Terme di Diocletian (The Bathe of Diocletian) National Roman Museum along Via Cernaia, and goes past the Monumento a Quintino Sella. It continues until a left bend on Via Palestro and then right unto Via Venti Settembre which also has a Museum ahead being the Museo Storico dei Bersaglieri (Roman Military Museum).

The Via Venti Settembre delivers traffic on the Via Nomentana going past Cultural Centre, Rome Garden Hotel, about four Catholic Churches and Embassies to Afghanistan and a few other countries. It continues as Via Nomentana Nuova to cross the Ponte Tazio Bridge onto Corso Sempione until the junction where the Chauffeur turns left to Via Gargano. There are more restaurants and shopping malls in this part of the city; your trip continues slightly to the right onto Vale Adriatico.

Piazza Monte Gennaro is the road that takes over from the long Vale Adriatico road briefly and delivers the traffic onto Via della Bufalotta after a roundabout; the road continues a distance before the next major roundabout. Along this area is Domus Urbis Hotel, Complesso Scolastico GAUSS, and a Cultural Centre before you meet the next roundabout. The Via della Bufalotta road continues a little longer until the triangular junction where you turn left into Via di Settebagni.

A gentle drive down the road on Via di Settebagni takes you to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints roundabout which is at 376 Via di Settebagni 00139, Rome. The approach appearance of the building is magnificent and welcoming with the glass artwork on the front view of the Temple. The surrounding is a 15-acre premise housing a religious and cultural center which has housing for visitors, multipurpose meeting hall, visitors center and family history center.

The landscaping and fountain are a state of the art design done by United States experts. There are four pools channeled out of the main fountain, and they are made with Bronze grated Travertine stone. The walkways and fences which add immense beauty to the Rome Temple are made of carved Italian stones.

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