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Villa Borghese Tour

The Villa Borghese tour includes a private car transfer to the Villa Borghese Gardens, the third largest public park in Rome after the ones of Villa Doria-Pamphili and Villa Ada. The estate, already a property of the Borghese family, was expanded during the 17th century by Cardinal Scipione, and later by his heirs, with the intent to create the largest gardens in the Urbe. In 1901 the whole complex become property of the Italian State, which gave it to the Municipality of Rome two years later. This huge, green park, which has 9 entrances, hosts important buildings and includes many attractions that represent a wide range of choice for visitors, who can decide to customize the tour following their preferences and interests. For example, if you love nature and have children with you, we suggest you include in your tour the Bioparco, Rome’s large zoo; if you love art, don’t forget to book a visit to the museum of the Borghese Gallery, which preserves some of the greatest masterpieces of Italian art and more.

The Tour can start from Rome Fiumicino Airport, the Port of Civitavecchia or any other previously agreed location. Here a Transfers Rome private driver will be waiting to take you, in a limousine or sedan, to the Pinciano District, where you will find the Villa Borghese Gardens. From the Pincio hill, you will be able to admire and immortalize in some pictures the whole city of Rome. You will then be accompanied to the entrance of the Borghese Gallery, which hosts the rich art collection of the Roman family, prepared by Prince Camillo at the beginning of the 19th century. Among the works on display: “Apollo and Daphne”, a masterpiece by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, the famous marble portrait of Paolina Borghese, sculpted by Antonio Canova, and the “Madonna dei Palafrenieri” painted by Caravaggio. Another alternative is to visit the Bioparco, the Capital’s zoological garden that hosts over 200 animal species that include mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibia coming from the five continents.

After the visit, you will be taken by your Transfers Rome driver to a restaurant in the capital to taste typical Roman dishes. In the afternoon you’ll be able to carry on the Villa Borghese tour by visiting Villa Giulia, seat of the Museo Nazionale Etrusco (National Etruscan Museum). Alternatively, you could have a walk to discover the many wonders of Villa Borghese, such as the Orologio ad Acqua (Water Clock) and the Giardino del Lago (Lake Garden). The particular pendulum clock, built in 1873 following the design of father Giovanni Battista Embriaco, is activated by the underneath water, which charges its movement and sound through the alternate filling of two basins. The Giardino del Lago, originally in an English style and then transformed into a “garden à la mode”, is rich in Neoclassical elements, such as the well-known Temple of Aesculapius that mirrors itself in the waters of the small lake. In the Villa Borghese Gardens you’ll also be able to visit the Silvano Toti Globe Theater, a reconstruction of London’s famous circular theater, where William Shakespeare’s playing company performed. Every year, at Rome’s Globe Theater, directed by the director and actor Gigi Proietti, are presented some of the greatest Shakespearean masterpieces (for further information please visit the dedicated page).

At the end of the Villa Borghese tour: transfer back to the hotel or return to the airport/port.

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